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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

 Stumped on a gift for Mom? We have some ideas!

Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide will help you find the perfect T3 pick for her.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Tech Savvy Mom

Do your mother’s texting and social media skills surpass your own? The Twirl 360 is the gift worthy of her technological expertise. This motion-sensing, auto-rotating curling iron will do the curl work for her and soon become her new favorite gadget. 

The Multi-Tasking Mom

Give the gift of  Voluminous Hot Rollers and mom can multi-task her way to a perfect beauty routine. These rollers with HeatCore technology create full, long-lasting curls, while keeping her hands free to take on the day beautifully.

Mother's Day gift guide


Mother's Day gift guide

The Mom On-The-Go

Whether she’s running from the office to the gym or enjoying a getaway, the Micro Chic gift set will ensure she has the beauty tools she needs at her fingertips. They might be mini, but the Featherweight Compact Dryer and SinglePass Compact Iron pack a mega glam punch. 


The No-Nonsense Mom

Perfect for the mom that has no time for wasting time, the Luxe 2i Dryer will give her a smooth and shiny blow dry in mere minutes. Imagine what a get-it-done woman like her could accomplish with ten extra minutes in her day.   

Mother's Day gift guide


Mother's Day gift guide

The Trendy Mom

For the mom who is on top of every fad, fashion and trend, the Whirl Trio provides her with the endless styling possibilities she craves. With three interchangeable barrels, the hairstyling world is her oyster.