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Need to Know: Auto World Voltage

Traveling shouldn’t prevent you from having fabulous hair – with Auto World Voltage, you can take great hair on the road from Paris to Sydney and everywhere in between.*

T3 Auto World Voltage Technology
Electrical currents and outlets vary from country to country. Because you should have beautifully styled hair wherever you go, we made sure T3 tools made that possible.

Our tools that have Auto World Voltage technology contain a special electrical circuit that automatically converts the incoming currents and adjusts it for the tool’s specific needs. It works with voltages that range from 100-240 AC 50/60Hz.

The Featherweight Compact Dryer has a slightly different configuration, it uses Dual Voltage Technology which has a similar circuit for converting electricity however, the back of the dryer has a switch that toggles between 125 volts and 250 volts depending on the country you’re using the dryer in. Be sure to confirm before changing the switch and adjust accordingly.

With either Auto World Voltage or Dual Voltage, be sure to use a plug adapter, not an electrical converter since the tool does the heavy lifting already!

*Some tools do not feature Auto World Voltage or Dual Voltage, we don’t recommend using those outside of the country specified in the User Guide. You can double check if that applies to your tool on its product page.