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Need to Know: Digital IonAir

Want to know our secret to a fast, healthy blowout? Read on to learn how Digital IonAir cares for your hair.

T3 Digital IonAir

Blow drying your hair doesn’t have to take an hour and put your hair through what feels like a hot air wind tunnel. We engineered the Cura and Cura LUXE dryers to contain our Digital IonAir technology. Both dryers digitally control the heat in the dryer and is combined with a wide, gentle airstream. Digitally controlled heat means a consistent drying experience and a decrease in total drying time, meaning less heat exposure for your hair. A wide, gentle airflow helps to expertly dry larger sections of hair quickly while still maintaining body and shine in your blowout.

Another important feature of Digital IonAir is a built-in negative ion generator. You can think of negative ions like a “zipper” for your hair, they smooth the hair cuticle and cuts down on frizz. Negative ions also boost shine – added bonus! You can turn the Ion Generator off on the Cura LUXE to amp up volume and texture on the hair depending on the style you’re looking to achieve.

Try the Cura or Cura LUXE for yourself to experience the difference that precise, controlled heat can make.