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Need to Know: Smart Microchip

Did you know? The Smart Microchip inside T3 hot tools are the brains behind smooth, long-lasting styles.

Need to know: Smart Microchip T3

Beauty and brains meet in each T3 hot tool for faster, healthy styling. The Smart Microchip constantly monitors and adjusts to minimizes heat fluctuations, keeping the tool at the same temperature throughout styling. Because the iron stays at the same temperature while you’re styling, you only need to pass through each section once because they iron won’t lose heat as it glides through your hair.

Minimizing temperature fluctuations is important for a few reasons. If your iron has hot spots or cool spots, some sections of the hair you’re styling will get too hot while some are too cool, the curl or wave won’t be consistent. When an iron is hotter than the heat setting you choose for your hair, there is a higher risk of overheating and damaging hair as well so the Smart Microchip plays an important role in your styling routine.

You can find the Smart Microchip in the SinglePass Curl 1.25”, SinglePass Curl 1”, SinglePass Wave, SinglePass LUXE flat iron, SinglePass X flat iron, SinglePass Compact flat iron, and of course, in our Convertible Collection.