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Need to Know: T3 Convertible Collection

Wand or clip, the T3 Convertible Collection is as adaptable as you are. The Fluid Locking Mechanism is at the literal center of it all, read on to see why.

Need to know T3 Convertible Collection

With one base and seven (!!!) barrels, customizable styling is in the palm of your hand. Inspired by how easily and securely camera lenses swap in and out of a camera body, we knew we could bring this technology to our hair tools. Thus the T3 Convertible Collection and its camera lens-inspired locking mechanism was born. This locking system makes changing barrels fast, easy and secure. Both the wand and clip barrels work with the same Convertible Base, no need for separate bases. With versatility in mind, this detachable barrel design allows you to build your Convertible Collection. There are seven total T3 Convertible Collection barrels so you can fully customize your hair tool kit.

To swap out your barrels, turn the heat completely off by pressing and holding the power & temperature button on the tool. Make sure you wait until the tool has completely cooled! Hold the tool by the handle with the barrel pointing up and push the locking mechanism (the rose gold stand in the middle of the tool) to the left until the dot lines up with the “unlock” icon. Once you hear a “click”, gently pull the barrel out of the base. To insert a new barrel, line up the three side pins in the barrel with the slots in the handle and insert the barrel firmly. Next turn the locking mechanism to the lock position. You’ll hear a “click” to let you know your new barrel is locked in and ready to style!