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NYFW FW18 street style hair trends

Read on to see Lead Stylist David Lopez‘s favorite NYFW FW18 street style hair trends and how to recreate them.


“As a celebrity hair stylist working in the fashion industry for over a decade, I have seen many trends come and go, none more apparent than on the streets of New York City during Fashion Week. Fashionistas and enthusiasts alike don trendy and creative wardrobes and accessorize in a myriad of ways. But what is the one accessory every Fashion Week attendee can never take off? Their hair.”

nyfw street style hair trends t3

Embellished Upstyles

“I loved seeing women incorporating fabric or thin silky scarves into their ponytails and braids – it’s an easy way to spice up your style. Start by drying your hair with the Cura LUXE dryer for a soft, shiny and frizz-free base. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, enhance your natural texture with the SoftCurl diffuser. After your hair is completely dry, use a piece of ribbon or fabric (like a piece of an old t-shirt!) to gently tie the hair back. If you don’t have curly or textured hair, try incorporating a thin silky scarf into a braid!”

The Lived-In Blowout

“I love how this look appears perfectly effortless, and it’s actually quite easy to achieve. Start by applying a texturizing product to the mid-lengths and ends of your damp hair, and then layer a lightweight oil on top. Rough dry your hair on the low speed and high heat settings of your Cura or Cura LUXE dryers, using the wide concentrator. One your hair is 80% dry, use a Paddle Brush to smooth and dry to 100%. Separate your hair into 4 sections and curl each section using the BodyWaver. Flip your hair upside down and add a texturizing product, then you’re ready to go!”

nyfw street style hair trends t3

nyfw street style hair trends t3

Bun It!

“Strapped for time on a three day old blowout? Bun it! Sleek top knots have always been a mainstay, but now we’re seeing even tighter and smoother versions with a slight hint of live-ability. For an extra hit of smoothness, flat iron your hair with the SinglePass LUXE before brushing it up into your bun. Or if you’re feeling creative, try a double bun for a fun and youthful effect.”

No-Fuss Pony

“A low pony is an easy way to instantly look pulled together and chic. Use the styling concentrator on the Cura dryer to smooth your hairline before gathering your hair at the nape of your neck. Try experimenting with different variations of this style – sleek and tucked behind the ears, face-framing layers or with an added twist.”

nyfw street style hair trends t3

nyfw street style hair trends t3

Natural & Free

“This year more than any other season, I witnessed the most natural texture I have ever seen. After detangling your curls in the shower, gently squeeze out excess moisture with a microfiber towel (this helps reduce frizz). Apply a light or medium hold styling cream by coating your palms with the product and gliding them along the crown and hairline. Use the Cura LUXE dryer with the SoftCurl diffuser on the low speed and high heat setting with the Volume Boost switch engaged (read more on my diffusing techniques here!). After your hair is completely dry, flip your head upside down for more volume.”