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NYFW street style hair trends

T3 Lead Stylist David Lopez spent a chilly afternoon scoping out NYFW street style hair trends. Here’s his list + how to recreate each look.

nyfw hair trends

Easy Waves

“Waves are definitely still in the running for the top beauty trend on the streets. Today’s woman is able to vary how deep or loose her waves are by alternating or changing the barrel size of her hot tool. It’s one of the reasons I especially love the Whirl Trio and Convertible Collection of styling tools. Being able to customize your waves with one tool is a way to really develop your own unique personal style while still adapting to different trends. A more polished outfit might call for the Twirl Convertible to create smooth, cascading waves reminiscent of Old Hollywood, while the Loose Waves barrel is perfect for the modern soft bends you see here.”

Half-Up Top Knot

“What started as an easy way to keep your hair out of your face without resorting to a ponytail has now evolved into a full-fledged, fashionable way to wear your hair. A half-up top knot is fun, wearable and flattering on almost every face shape or hair length. I love this style when worn with relaxed waves that can easily be created with the Undone Waves barrel for a natural finish, or the Defined Curls barrel for a classic and bouncy look. If you prefer a sleeker style, dry your hair with a Paddle Brush and the Featherweight LUXE 2i dryer before adding the bun.”

nyfw hair trends

nyfw hair trends

Effortless Ponytail

“Usually reserved for gym sessions and “off days,” the ponytail is not normally a mainstay in the fashion world. Accentuated by face-framing layers or worn up high, a ponytail can add a fresh new spin on your look. Create texture and soften the features of your pony by adding bends to face-framing layers with the Tousled Waves barrel from the Whirl Trio. Loosely wrap large sections of hair away from the face before pulling it up and back, then pull down some pieces of hair around the temple and sides for a comfortably chic finish. If you’re after a straighter yet textured style, lightly run the SinglePass X iron through your locks before pulling it back. For a flattering and lifting effect, use your cheekbones and the top of your ear as a guide for the perfect pony height.”

Natural Curls

“Nothing brings me greater ‘hair joy’ than seeing women embrace their natural hair texture. Not only is it stunning and flattering, it’s also fresh and bold. The SoftTouch 2 diffuser is magic at keeping frizz at bay and making curls as full, shiny and bouncy as possible. Once you’ve rinsed the conditioner from your hair, avoid running your fingers through it to preserve the natural curl formation and definition. Apply your product of choice onto very wet hair prior to towel drying, then squeeze through your locks with a Microfiber Towel. Use the SoftTouch 2 diffuser and favorite T3 dryer to gently dry your curls. Your curls will thank you!”

nyfw hair trends

nyfw hair trends

Braided Details

“Skilled stylists already know braids are an easy way to create the illusion of an intricate, fashionable hairstyle. Fashion Week is a great time to get creative, and a lot of braided hairstyles are surprisingly easy and a fun way to elevate your style. If you find that your hair is limp and has a hard time holding a braid, add some texture to your hair before styling. Apply a thickening or volumizing mousse to damp hair then rough dry. Lightly wrap large sections of hair around the Loose Waves barrel, let it cool completely, and softly brush it out. Then, have fun braiding!”