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Perfect beauty gifts for college girls

School is back in session, and we’ve put together a short lesson plan on the perfect beauty gifts for college girls.

the perfect gifts for college girls

Featherweight Compact Dryer

Notoriously small with little storage, living in a dorm room doesn’t mean a college girl’s beauty routine has to suffer. This tiny, but powerful dryer is perfect for squeezing in a quick shower and style before a morning lecture without sacrificing beauty sleep – or study time. 

Source: Meg Biram

SinglePass Compact Iron

Life in college can get hectic – there isn’t always time to dash home between class and whatever festivities the evening has in store. The SinglePass Compact will be a lifesaver for those days when she might need a quick touch-up on the go: small and light enough to toss in her bag, it will make sure her hair looks flawless all day, no matter what surprises come her way. 

Source: Get Fit Brooklyn

the perfect gifts for college girls

the perfect gifts for college girls

Whirl Convertible

Chic without ever looking like they’re trying too hard, undone waves are a campus style essential. The Whirl Convertible lets any girl wear this easy look all day, from office hours to date night. Best of all, it looks so effortless she’ll leave everyone convinced she rolled out of bed with perfectly tousled locks. 

Source: Dannon Collard

Twirl Convertible

Whether it’s a presentation or an internship, there are times when a college girl needs to make an impression, and there’s no better way to do so than with elegant, flawless curls. The Twirl Convertible never fails to deliver a polished style, helping her look – and feel – competent and put-together when it matters most. 

the perfect gifts for college girls

the perfect gifts for college girls

Whirl Trio

Why choose one wand when you can have three? It’s no secret college is the time for exploring and taking risks, and the Whirl Trio is the perfect tool for experimenting with new hairstyles. With three interchangeable barrels, it provides endless possibilities for the college girl’s every mood and situation.