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Pick the SinglePass Curl iron for you

Defined, polished curls or effortless curls or waves? Brand Ambassador Kristin Rose Davis tested them both to help you pick the SinglePass Curl iron for you.

The SinglePass Curl Iron for You T3

Kristen tested out both sizes of our SinglePass Curl Iron barrel sizes to help demonstrate the differences between the two types of curls you can achieve with each iron. For the left side, Kristen used the SinglePass Curl 1” iron, then brushed out her curls once they have fully cooled. She achieved tighter, more defined curls with extra volume at the root and through the rest of her hair. On the right, she used the slightly larger SinglePass Curl 1 ¼” iron for effortless, looser curls.

Right Side: SinglePass Curl 1 ¼”
Left Side: SinglePass Curl 1”

The difference between each style created by the two SinglePass Curl iron sizes is apparent at the back of the heat as well, you can see that the SinglePass Curl 1” is ideal for short to medium length hair of any thickness. The smaller, 1” size produces tighter curls that can be brushed out into defined waves like Kristen did in her comparison style while still retaining their shape.

Right Side: SinglePass Curl 1”
Left Side: SinglePass Curl 1 ¼”

The SinglePass Curl Iron for You T3