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#T3Test: post-gym hair revival tips

Post Gym Hair Tips t3

Go ahead, work up a sweat – don’t worry about your hair. Our Social Media Coordinator Samantha tested 4 methods to revive post-gym hair!

Post Gym Hair Tips T3

Dry Shampoo Foam

Dry Shampoo Foam has been trending for a few years so we had to test out this sure-to-be cult classic. After a morning cardio circuit, she worked a small amount of the foam through the top of her head and in the hair around her face with her hands. Once it was completely absorbed and dry, she blasted her roots with the Cura dryer and the Dry Vent Brush to create volume, then followed with Tousled Waves barrel for structured waves. The foam worked great on second day hair but most likely wouldn’t be able to help on third or fourth day hair, it seems to add a bit of weight to the hair if not blow dried out.

Dry Shampoo Wipes

Samantha put dry shampoo wipes to the test on Tuesday, she worked up a sweat with with her hair in a Dutch braid. After her workout, she ran a wipe around hairline and into the braid itself, working the product into the hair to soak up excess oil. Keep your hair in its braid and shake loose once you get to the office to add texture. This method is ideal for lunchtime yoga classes as the wipes fit easily into a gym bag and are great for multi-tasking women on the go. While the wipes work great around the hairline, it is difficult to work the product into the rest of the hair, leaving it looking a bit stringy.

Post Gym Hair Tips t3

Post Gym Hair Tips

Aeresol Dry Shampoo

Aerosol dry shampoo is one of the most user-friendly formulations for dry shampoo and Samantha’s chosen method is a bit unorthodox, but it works! The night before her AM pilates session, she put her hair in another Dutch braid, sprayed dry shampoo onto the style, then went to sleep. It might be a Jedi mind trick, but it seems to prevent greasy strands from absorbing oil the next morning. After her workout, she lightly touched up some of the sections around her face, then blew out her hair with the Cura dryer and Volume 2.5 round brush. This was by far the most successful technique, even if if required a little extra work the night before (hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day!).

Baby Powder

To test the classic method of baby powder to revive hair, Samantha headed to the gym with her hair in a top knot. After her workout, she sectioned her hair into four parts and then massaged baby powder into her roots. Samantha found that it was a little difficult to blend the powder in completely to avoid a white cast. She finished her style with loose waves from the SinglePass Wave iron. In a pinch, this method works, but if you’re not a fan of the smell of baby powder, there are plenty of powder dry shampoos on the market.

Post Gym Hair Tips