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#T3Inspo: Quick Morning Hairstyles

Between making coffee and walking your dog, getting out the door on time is hard enough. No need to spend valuable time on your hair, these quick morning hairstyles have you covered.

Quick morning hairstyles T3 Micro

Braided Waves

The first of our quick morning hairstyles requires no extra heat. Get inspired by Sam’s braided waves, the looser the texture, the better for this style. Add a few braids and twists on each side, then gather them at the back of your head and secure with a hair tie.

Pictured: Sam Wang

Twists and curl

Start this style with curled or waved hair with the SinglePass Curl 1″. Grab a section at the front of your hair (feel free to include your bangs), then simply twist and pin. Your hair will look polished and done in no time without spending tons of extra time on your hair.

Pictured: Courtnee Rodgers

Quick morning hairstyles T3 Micro Courtneerodgers

Quick morning hairstyles T3 Micro amyserrano

Pony Up

The key to making your pony feel fresh (and not lazy)? A ribbon. Amy added waves throughout her hair with the 1” Undone Waves barrel from the Whirl Trio. Leave a few strands out at the front to go from an everyday look to chic.

Pictured: Amy Serrano

Pinned Together

After you’ve blown out your hair with the Cura LUXE, add curls with the SinglePass Curl 1.25” iron. Create a middle part, then start piling on the pins to one side if your hair only. Add as many as you want, don’t be afraid to mix and match metals and materials.

Pictured: Morgan Bethel-Sosinski

Quick morning hairstyles T3 Micro hangitupla

Quick morning hairstyles T3 Micro angeliquecooper

Curly Bun

Nothing beats a top knot when you’re short on time. Finish off the style by curling little pieces around your face and sticking out of your bun with the SinglePass Wave. Add a handkerchief to spare yourself from dry shampoo!

Pictured: Angelique Cooper