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T3 Pros: rain hair revival tips and tricks

April showers bring hair horrors. Our T3Pros share their best tips and tricks for rain hair revival.

rainy day hair tips

Natalia Bruschi, Celebrity Hairstylist

  • “For rain hair revival, I always turn to the Featherweight LUXE 2i dryer. It dries hair fast, while reducing frizz and boosting gloss. Start by using a large-tooth comb to get rid of any unwanted tangles caused by the rain. Then, use an Anti Gravity brush to comb through the hair as you blow dry. Be sure to angle the LUXE 2i downward as you dry to close the hair cuticles and achieve a silky smooth texture.”


Megan Lanoux, Celebrity Hairstylist

  • “If you’re styling your hair before going out into the rain, I recommend using the Twirl Convertible on a higher heat setting so the curl will hold longer. Curl your hair as desired and don’t brush it out. Once you have completely curled your hair, place all your hair up into a beanie and grab an umbrella. Once you arrive at your destination, take the beanie off, shake out your hair and it will look like you just finished curling it! If it’s too warm for a beanie, tuck your curled and unbrushed hair into the back of your top. Then shake it out once you reach you destination.” 


Abraham Sprinkle, Celebrity Hairstylist:

  • “Curly girl root frizz: when your curls are perfect, but the rain has caused your roots to develop a hazy halo of frizz. Every girl who has curly hair has faced this tragedy. Using extra product will actually cause a matting effect, so my weapon of choice is the T3 Whirl Trio. Using the Tousled Waves barrel, I will curl random pieces of hair around the part and hairline, getting as close to the root as possible without disturbing the mid-shaft and ends. This will straighten out hair strands gone haywire without sacrificing your natural curl pattern.”


Patrick Kyle, Celebrity Hairstylist:

  • “To quickly give wet, rain soaked hair a little life and texture, spray your roots with a thickening spray. Then rough dry your hair using the SoftTouch Diffuser on the Featherweight LUXE 2i. Add volume by flipping your head over and diffusing the roots of your hair. If you have a little extra time, use the SinglePass LUXE the straighten the ends of your hair, then finish with a texturizing spray or powder.”


Melissa DeZarate, Celebrity Hairstylist: 

  • “If you’ve been caught in the rain and have no access to any hair tools, one of the best tips I can give you is to pull your hair into a low, very loose bun. Don’t use a hair tie to keep it in place because it will crease your hair. Instead, opt for a large hair clip or several bobby pins. Once your hair has dried, remove the clip or pins and shake it out. This will give you a messy, beach hair look.”