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#T3Inspo: Refreshed Spring Hairstyles

While you wait for warmer weather, try these refreshed spring hairstyles from our Brand Ambassadors. They’re perfect for ushering in the new season!

Refreshing Spring Hairstyles T3

*Hair Flip*

Flat iron waves are easier than you think. Create the first of our refreshed spring hairstyles by creating alternating bends with the SinglePass LUXE flat iron with horizontal sections of hair. Give it your best hair flip like Meghan McAllister and off you go!

Knotted Up

Head out to brunch with Emily Emig and her knotted ‘do. Once your hair is waved, gather the section at the crown and create a chain of knots (they’ll come out, we promise), leaving some face-framing sections out at the front. Use the Cascading Waves barrel for volume at the root and waves throughout for the perfect look for this style.

Refreshing Spring Hairstyles T3

Refreshing Spring Hairstyles T3

Pearl of Wisdom

One of our favorite ways to refresh a second-day style (thank you long-lasting waves from the SinglePass Wave) is to clip front sections back. Brush out your waves for a softer style, then accent it with statement pieces like Tandya’s pearl clips. Waltz into work feeling refreshed – and early, you didn’t need to restyle!

Photo by simplytandya

Piecey Pony

One of our favorite on-the-go styles is a simple low pony, dressed up with a scrunchie or mini scarf. Make sure to leave a few strands out at the front for a more relaxed look or tie all of your hair back for a polished style. Pick a coordinating accessory or contrast it with your outfit like Cheralee.

Photo by cheraleelyle

Refreshing Spring Hairstyles T3

Refreshing Spring Hairstyles T3

Up Around the Bend

Create your own headband like Sivan by braiding two small sections behind each ear, then crisscrossing them over the top of your head. Let your natural hair texture shine with this low-key hairdo or add flat iron s-bends with the SinglePass X. Pull on the sides of each braid to gently loosen them for a style that is even more relaxed.