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#T3Inspo: Second Day Curls

Refresh yesterday’s curls with these 5 styles – no need to apply more heat! See our favorite looks for second day curls here.

Second Day Curls T3 Whitney Fransway

Pulled Back

Rock yesterday’s loosened waves from the SinglePass Wave by adding sea salt spray and twisting strands around your finger. Tie the crown area back with your favorite scrunchie, leaving some face-framing sections out. No one will know your beachy texture was achieved in your bathroom, not from an afternoon in the sun.

Photo of Whitney Fransway

Pins & Waves

Brush out your day one curls from the SinglePass Curl 1” with the Smooth Paddle Brush, detangling and creating looser waves. Add a trendy pin (or four) an inch above your ear to secure strands in place. Add a shine spray or hair oil for super shiny locks.

Source: Morgan Bethel-Sosinski

Second Day Curls T3 Morgan Bethel-Sosinski

Second Day Curls T3 Amy Serrano

Hang Loose

Take your flat iron waves from the day before and tie them all back into a low pony. Keep it a little loose to maintain the flow of the waves for a boho vibe. Hide the hair elastic with a bright ribbon that’s a little longer than your hair – it instantly fakes extra body.

Source: Amy Serrano

Coffee Run

We love a good top knot for second (or even third!) day curls. Finger-comb part of your hair onto the very top of your head, then create a messy knot, pulling sections to loosen strands. Head out and grab a cup before you conquer your day.

Photo of Angelique Cooper

Second Day Curls T3 Angelique Cooper

Second Day Curls T3 Emily Emig

Double Bubble

For this style, yesterday’s SinglePass Curl  1.25″ style helps keep strands in check. Separate your hair into two sections and create two loose twists on each side of your head, then pull sections to loosen and create a bubble effect. Once all four sections are together, create a loose boho braid and secure with an elastic – you’re good to go.

Photo of Emily Emig