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T3 Pros: Secret to long-lasting curls

From the office to happy hour, make sure your style lasts. Our T3 Pros shared their top tips for long-lasting curls. Read on to learn how!

Secret to long-lasting curls T3

Chelsea Sule, T3Pro

“Blowing out your hair once or twice a week with a T3 Cura LUXE blow dryer and round brush will ensure that you have long-lasting curls. Use a heat protecting flexible hold hairspray BEFORE curling with any barrel from your T3 Convertible Collection—the SinglePass technology will lock in your curls and keep them touchable and bouncy all day!”


Brendan Robertson, Celebrity Stylist

“The most important ingredient for natural, long lasting, well-formed bouncy curls is moisture! Use an oil or emollient based cream styling product while hair is damp, then gently diffuse hair. Make sure you don’t move the hair around too much as its drying. Once dry, loosen the curls by shaking your head. Never rake the curls with your fingers. With the small end of the Tousled Waves Barrel from the Convertible Collection, wrap small sections of hair randomly to create defined curls mixed in with your natural texture.”


Marissa Machado, T3Pro

“The secret to long-lasting curls isn’t really a secret after all, with the right tools and products anything is possible. Start by applying a curl lotion from ends making your way up never touching the root. By avoiding the root there will be less weight in the strand therefore keeping your curls bouncy. Once you’ve blown the hair smooth start by sectioning into 3 even rows, starting on the bottom using the Undone Waves 1” Barrel from the Convertible Collection. Take small even sections and wrap hair around iron for a few seconds. The SinglePass technology of this iron allows a little heat as possible to hair with an even heat distribution. This allows for only one pass through hair section for the perfect curl. After completing the entire head of hair set curls with a flexible lasting setting spray and shake out for the perfect lasting bounce.”


Stacey Tan, T3Pro

“The summer heat can challenge the way we want to style our hair for evenings out or for a first date – so how do we fight the heat and keep the curl? My feeling is so not FIGHT the weather, but coordinate with it. I start with dry hair, using my SinglePass LUXE iron to create “S” Waves that look effortless and finished at the same time. I feed a medium section of hair into the iron, sandwiching and pressing the hair in a horizontal wave shape. Proceed this process all the way down the length of hair- I like to follow the natural wave of the hair as a guide. This process creates body and waves at the same time! I like doing a shot of cool air with my Cura dryer after the waves have set for a minute to ensure the waves will stay! All you need is some fine hair spray to finish off the look! ”