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5 tools to shorten your morning beauty routine

Primp and preen in no time at all. Here are five tools to help shorten your morning beauty routine.

Cura Hairdryer T3

The Cura

Our super-speedy dryer works so efficiently that you’ll suddenly have time for that morning spin class. Healthy hair and a healthy lifestyle – it’s a win-win! 

The Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE

The hands-free element of our enhanced rollers means you can easily multitask. Apply another layer of mascara, flick through the morning news, or whip up a delicious breakfast, all while your hair transforms into voluminous waves.

Hot Rollers T3

Flat Iron T3

The SinglePass LUXE

Yes, that’s right, straight hair in a single motion. No more multiple passes, saving you precious time. Extra minutes in the morning and beautiful hair – that’s our definition of luxury. 

The Convertible Collection

Our most transformative collection creates endless curls or waves in a flash. The trickiest part is selecting which style to embrace each day!

Convertible Collection T3

BodyWaver T3

The BodyWaver

A brilliant way to replicate a blowout without the dryer. Run the BodyWaver through air dried or second day hair for instant volume and shine. A hair hack to remember.