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Sleek fall hairstyle

Learn how Brand Ambassador Courtnee Rodgers created this sleek fall hairstyle, ideal for any autumnal activity!

Sleek Fall Hairstyle T3

Step 1: Dry

Start this sleek fall hairstyle by rough drying your hair with the Cura and Drying Concentrator nozzle for a smooth, frizz-free result.

Step 2: Straighten

Smooth out any remaining kinks or wavy sections with the SinglePass LUXE 1″ flat iron.

Sleek Fall Hairstyle T3

Sleek Fall Hairstyle T3

Step 3: Twist

Grab a 2-3″ section at the front of your hair and begin twisting it away from the face, making sure all the ends are tucked in.

Step 4: Place

Place the twist just behind your ear at mid-ear level, smoothing the hair under the twist down for a sleeker look. 

Sleek Fall Hairstyle T3

Sleek Fall Hairstyle T3

Step 5: Pin

Pin the twist in place with bobby pins that match your hair color, or use jeweled clip for added flair.

Final Look

Finish off the style by smoothing any strands that need more control around the front of your face. Go straight into your favorite activities with this sleek fall style!

Sleek Fall Hairstyle T3