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Need to Know: StyleEdge Plates

Did you know? The SinglePass LUXE has StyleEdge plates for smooth, versatile styling.

T3 Flat Iron StyleEdge Plates

You may have noticed that the ceramic plates on the SinglePass LUXE are different than your standard flat iron (and no, it’s not the custom blend ceramic coating). Our SinglePass LUXE is designed with StyleEdge plates. Not only are the plates optimized for versatile styling, they are also designed to smoothly glide through your hair without tugging or pulling. Each plate is flexible and beveled (read: they have rounded edges) so you can straighten, wave, and s-bend to your heart’s content. To minimize tugging and pulling, the SinglePass LUXE has “floating” plates that account for your hair’s thickness so when you pass over your hair, it doesn’t become trapped between the plates.

Experience the difference the StyleEdge Plates make for yourself with the SinglePass LUXE.