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T3Test: Styles you can sleep on

We’ve all been there, you create the perfect waves or curls on Monday and you want to preserve your style for Tuesday happy hour. Our Assistant Marketing Manager Morgan tested three styles to keep your curls overnight, read on to see what worked and what didn’t!

BodyWaver Hair Style T3

BodyWaver and Headband
On Monday, Morgan styled her hair with her favorite tool, the BodyWaver. To try and keep her voluminous curls overnight, she put a headband over her head, resting on her forehead and started at the front of her head, wrapping sections around the headband until all her hair was wrapped, then twisted and tucked the ends into the headband. Halfway through the night, the headband slipped off her head but her curls loosened up a bit while still retaining their shape. This was a bit of a flop, she would recommend this technique if you don’t move around a lot while sleeping or you pin the headband in place.

SinglePass Wave Style T3

SinglePass Wave and Bun Form
On Wednesday, Morgan created traditional curls with the SinglePass Curl. To try and save this style, she created a ponytail at the very top of her head, then pulled her hair through a bun form. Splitting the hair into two sections, she wrapped each side around the bun form, leaving a bit of the ends out for a beachier style. It ended up adding a ton of body to her hair, but was difficult to sleep in because the bun wasn’t high enough to be out of the way. If you don’t mind sleeping with your hair up, this is a great way to add volume and keep waves in tact.

SinglePass LUXE Curls T3

SinglePass LUXE Curls and Silk Pillowcase
For Morgan’s final test, she added tighter waves with the SinglePass Wave in the morning, then slept on a silk pillowcase overnight. This was Morgan’s favorite technique, it involved the least amount of prep and slept like a baby on her soft pillowcase (anti-aging benefits too?! Sign us up!) and woke up with frizz-free hair and most of her waves still in place.