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Styling Finishing Touches

Brand Ambassador and stylist Silvia Reis knows a thing (or ten) about hair! Read on for her tips on styling finishing touches.

Styling Finishing Touches Silvia Reis T3


My first favorite of the styling finishing touches and a great way to add volume at the roots is by blowing out the top bit of the hair with the Volume 3 round brush and the T3 Cura LUXE. Lock in that volume with the cold shot feature, for endless hours of great volume.

The Cura LUXE is also a great tool to lock in long-lasting hold and finish for hairspray or texture spray. When I want a strong hold, I do a spritz of hairspray and then dry the style on a ow fan and cool setting in place for just a few seconds – just like that you have just created hold insurance on your style. By drying the product into your style, you prevent the look from falling flat!

SinglePass LUXE

Smooth ends are the perfect finish to any hairstyle too. It makes your hair look healthy and shiny but in the same step you can also add some beveling (a gentle bend) to the ends. A little beveling at the ends gives the hair movement for that effortless look with a bit of polish. I love achieving this with the SinglePass LUXE for that smoothness and beveling at the ends.

Styling Finishing Touches Silvia Reis T3

Styling Finishing Touches Silvia Reis T3

Finished Look

Volume at the roots and smooth ends are two things you need in your hair for a perfect look – whether your hair is up or down or you’re wearing it straight or with some sort of wave.