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T3 Pros: Summer hair repair

Don’t despair, we’ve got your summer hair repair tips from trusted T3 Pro stylists. Bring your locks back from the brink with these techniques!

Summer hair repair t3

Dennis Lanni, T3Pro

“If you spent time in the sun, I like to use a mixture of high quality coconut oil and shea butter in damp hair to help protect it from the sun and also moisturize it. I also like to use scarves and bandanas in the hair to help set the hair or keep it from getting to dented up. Scarves and bandannas are something you can wrap your hair around to keep a nice wave and give shape. I also love to use homemade sprays made from herbal teas, a pinch of salt, and a dab of molasses to help hair texture and give volume to limp hair.”


Leah London, T3Pro

“Sleep in a moisturizing hair mask to repair heat damage and dry hair. Wrap hair in plastic wrap before heading to bed to lock product, moisture, and keep your sheets clean!” 


Castillo Bataille, T3Pro

“One of my favorite self care tips I always give, especially after a summer of fun in the sun, is DIY hair masks! My go-to is avocado-based, try a mix of avocado, olive oil and honey, applied on damp hair for 45 minutes. These ingredients leave your hair feeling shiny, soft and smooth. Take it up a notch by applying heat with your Cura hair dryer while the mask does its magic.”


Eloise Cheung, T3Pro

“Look amazing and treat your hair simultaneously by braiding your hair with a super hydrating leave-in moisture cream. Summer may be almost over but your hair also needs a vacation from the sun and swim. After showering with the Source Showerhead, try drying with the LUXE Towel Turban, the moisture-wicking technology quickly draws the water out of the hair after washing without friction or damage.”