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T3 Brushes 101

Five different brushes, five different purposes. This T3 brushes 101 lesson helps you pick the one that’s right for you. 

Vent brush t3

Vent Brush

The free flow Dry Vent brush is specially designed to allow for maximum airflow, making quick drying a breeze. We recommend using this brush to minimize time drying your hair before styling. It also works great at gently detangling wet hair!

Paddle Brush

Looking for a sleek, frizz-free blowout? The Smooth Paddle brush helps you get there. Its cushioned body gently combs through your hair while providing a soft drying base for your favorite T3 dryer. Wear your hair straight, or use it as a starting point for your go-to hairstyle.

paddle brush t3

3" round brush t3

3″ Round Brush

If you love a soft and straight blowout, but crave a little something extra, the Volume 3 brush is perfect for adding slight bends to the ends of your hair. Starting halfway down a 1-2″ strand, wrap your hair around the barrel of the brush and comb down and under while applying heat with your dryer. The subtle flips add the perfect amount of movement!

2.5″ Round Brush

Turn up the va-va-volume! The Volume 2.5 brush allows you to add lift to your roots and wavy body throughout the rest of your hair. The best part of this brush? It’s the perfect size to accommodate all lengths and thicknesses. 

2.5" round brush t3

2" round brush t3

2″ Round Brush

A fully-styled and wavy blowout is at your fingertips with the Volume 2 brush. Create textured defined curls without an iron by wrapping 1″ sections of hair around the brush and twisting downward as you blow dry (click here for a full video tutorial!). This brush also does wonders on adding volume and bends to shorter hair.