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T3 Pros: How to fight staticky hair

Staticky Winter Hair

Are you ready to conquer your dry and disheveled locks this winter? Our T3 Pros are here to help you fight staticky hair all season long.


Brant Mayfield

  • “To combat static in the hair, smooth the cuticle by going back over each section of your hair with your T3 tool (flat iron or curling iron). The ceramic plates will effectively smooth the cuticle. If the static persists, you can lightly apply an anti-static treatment, such as R+Co Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray or Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment. Both products give the hair a nice smooth texture and a little weight without completely weighing it down.”


Sparkle Tafao

  • “I’ve always found oils are a good solution for static. Also deep conditioning. I find the hair is most static when it’s lacking deep moisture, especially when shampooing without a good conditioner or hair mask. If you feel oil weighs your hair down, try a hot oil treatment and then wash out. “


Tina Lee

  • “Did you know you can use a fabric softener to prevent static in your hair? Get a spray bottle filled with water and mix in a tiny drop of softener. Then spray on damp, washed hair before styling.”


Tanya Deemer

  • “When brushing dry hair, spray hairspray onto your brush first, then run it through your hair. Or, when all else fails, run a dryer sheet over your dry hair and that may just do the trick!”


Holly Corsano

  • “Apply lotion to your hands as you would normally. Then run your fingers through your hair from the middle down to the ends, in large sections. The little bit of excess lotion that hasn’t absorbed into your hands will be just enough to help calm the static.” 


Kathleen Ty

  • “Avoid using plastic combs! Also, if you have no access to styling products, water works just fine to help calm the static.”