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T3 wish list hints

Have T3 on your wish list? Here are 5 subtle/not-so-subtle ways to tell your loved ones it’s a T3 or nothing under the tree.T3 holiday wish list

A browse “buy” approach

  • For the husband or boyfriend who hasn’t picked up on the more subtle hints that you need the Whirl Trio this year to keep your locks looking lovely. Casually browse the T3 website on his computer or phone, then leave the Whirl Trio product page up for him to find the next time he logs on. It’s your way of saying what you want without having to say anything at all. 


The subscription technique

  • Your love for T3 is real and it is deep – there are so many tools that can help solve your hair styling challenges. Secretly sign your loved ones up to receive T3 emails so it’s top of mind while you constantly rant about your style frustrations.


The not serious, but serious threat

  • When you consistently “borrow” your friend’s SinglePass LUXE, the threat of keeping it forever isn’t taken lightly. She’ll certainly want to hold on to her treasured flat iron, so the only option is to gift you one of your own! Up the borrowing, and keep those threats going through December.


The over sharing approach

  • You can’t resist the white and rose gold design and stunning finished looks you see on T3 social media, so naturally, you feel the need share all posts on your own channels. Now there’s no need to ask for a T3 – everyone will already know!


The running late tactic

  • Everyone knows T3 has a fast and effective solution to dull and difficult hair (i.e. the Featherweight LUXE 2i). When you are giving your excuse for your tardy arrival, let them know it just takes you so long to dry your hair!