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T3 Woman Kara Corvus: Microbiologist & mega gamer

T3 Woman Kara Corvus

She’s got beauty, brains, and did we mention she’s a master at video games? Kara Corvus chats with us about knowledge, confidence and how hair can make the perfect secret weapon.


Q: What do you love most about being a scientist?

A: The thing I love most about being a scientist is how I can pose a question that no one has ever answered before, and can arrive at an answer through my own research and experiments. How many people can say they are the leading expert at something? 


Q: What has been your biggest professional challenge? How did you overcome it? 

A: My biggest professional challenge would be trying to make a name for myself in the scientific world as a woman. STEM careers are almost always a majority male, but I’m thankful that my current laboratory has many female scientists and that we are all greatly encouraged by the company to succeed.


Q: What is the most valuable piece of advice that someone has given you?

A: The most valuable piece of advice I’ve been given is to simply do what you want and need to do, and disregard what others think about you. I had a huge shift in personality during college thanks to this advice. I used to be incredibly shy and afraid to do anything, for fear of embarrassing myself. What I learned is that people generally don’t think about you negatively or give a second thought, and if they do, they aren’t people you should care about. It sounds cliche, but you can’t be afraid of what others think. Sing out loud, dance in public, voice your opinion. If people judge you, who cares. It doesn’t affect your life.


Q: What gives you daily inspiration and keeps you motivated?

A: My daily inspiration and motivation is the need to make a name for myself. I want to leave this world knowing I made a noticeable impression and I won’t give up until I achieve that.


Q: We know you are a huge gamer and go to Comicon. Which character is your favorite? Which Comicon character do you think has the best hair?

A: As an avid gamer, it is incredibly hard to pick just one character from the gaming and comic book world. Though since I was young, the Legend of Zelda series has always been my favorite. So I must pick Link from Legend of Zelda as my favorite character. As for best hair, wow, what a question! I would have to say Cloud Strife has the best hair, simply because of how gravity-defying it is. For a female character, it has to be Bayonetta – her hair is literally a weapon.


Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be? 

A: My superpower would be the ability to learn anything instantly. If I could download knowledge and skills directly into my brain, that would be a dream come true.


Thoughts on T3…


Q: How have T3 tools helped you in your daily life? 

A: I have naturally very straight, flat hair and to combat that, I use the Tousled Waves barrel on the Whirl Trio to give my hair a bit of texture. It works quickly, so I don’t even have to wake up much earlier to complete my morning routine!


Q: What does beautiful outside, and powerful inside mean to you?

A: To be powerful inside, I think a person really needs to have inner confidence and passion about oneself. Being beautiful on the outside can definitely be a part of achieving that goal. Whether that means adding a touch of makeup, creating a great hairstyle or going for a walk in your sweats, if it makes you feel beautiful, then nothing can to stop you.


Q: What is your go-to hair tool on a bad hair day?

A: Definitely the Whirl Trio. Having a wave or curl to change up my usual hair is always a confidence booster!


Q: Curls or straight? How would you rather wear your hair?

A: For special occasions I try to go with some light curls, but my fallback is almost always straight. It’s very easy and can have a simple elegance to it. 



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