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T3 Woman Moogega takes the world by storm

Moogega Hip Flips

As a teenager, Moogega Cooper devoured the work of astrophysicist Carl Sagan. Now she works as a microbiologist at JPL, a NASA space exploration center. For Cooper, the stars aligned perfectly. She gives us a telescopic look into her past, present and very bright future. 


Q: You’ve accomplished so much at such a young age. What has been your biggest professional challenge?  

A: My biggest challenges occur almost every day in my line of work, which is what keeps me excited about my job. In space exploration, you have to develop new ideas and techniques to overcome each challenge that you face. I’d give a specific example, but my neuralyzer is out for repair!


Q: What is an average day like for you?  

A: It can vary, but it involves checking emails, preparing presentations, conducting experiments, and attending meetings.


Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into your field?  

A: Excel in microbiology, enjoy what you are doing but do not be limited to just one field. The versatility of other disciplines, such as engineering, helps immensely.


Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  

A: I will be celebrating the recent launch of the 2020 mission to Mars and will be gearing up for the next mission!


Q: What was the moment you felt successful?  

A: I’ve always been cautious about my feelings of success. Accomplishing milestones in life like my first real paycheck or first company award is a joyous occasion. I’ve felt like I’ve been successful thus far on the journey, but it is far from over!


Q: What is the biggest risk you have taken?  

A: I’d have to say one of my biggest risks was moving out on my own as a young adult. The positive repercussion from taking risks is that no matter the outcome, you’ve learned something from that experience and have grown from the situation. Moving out on my own really pushed my trajectory out there for me to be a strong and independent contributor to society.


Q: What empowers you?  

A: People in the past who have paved the way for me both personally and professionally, the people that I surround myself with, and of course myself!


Thoughts on T3…


Q: How have T3 tools helped you in your daily life?  

A: They have made my routine even faster when it requires less passes to get a sleek look! It has also helped the lives of others, because each person who borrows my T3 tools are impressed!


Q: What does beautiful outside, and powerful inside mean to you?  

A: Possessing both beauty and power means that one has a unique set of traits that allows one to maximize their ability to run the show with tact, grace, and style.



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