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T3 Woman Shiva Rose: Hollywood to holistic life

Shiva Rose

Natural beauty and T3 Woman Shiva Rose is on a quest to make the world a healthier place. In our heart-to-heart, she reflects on empowering women and the power of nature.


Q: What inspired you to launch your beauty line?

A: Through research, I found out that one in three women will get cancer from using toxic products. This desire to help women heal themselves with powerful, active plant botanicals led me down that path. I have been using natural oils for years on my skin and wanted to share the benefits. 


Q: What has been your biggest professional challenge? How did you overcome it?

A: A few years ago, I left the entertainment industry as an actress and began a blog on living a chic and holistic lifestyle. The Local Rose, my blog, came out of a desire to get more connected to the earth and to myself. Then I launched my skin care line. I think the most challenging part of all these changes was continuing to move forward even when the outcome wasn’t ideal. Having a meditation practice helped me gain the clarity and confidence to make these big changes that have ultimately been for the good.


Q: What empowers you?

A: Creating a lovely line that women respond to empowers me. Hiking in nature and practicing long meditations empowers me. 


Q: What would you tell your 16-year old self now?

A: I would say to enjoy every moment, even the tough ones, since life is so fleeting. Also, that things shift constantly and to be open to the flow of change. I would also probably say, “buy property in Venice, California – someday, it will be a goldmine!” 


Q: How do you think women can work together to make the world a more peaceful and less toxic place?

A: By creating a community where we all help each other move forward rather than cutting each other down. As we move ahead, we can bring our friends and sisters along with us and vice versa. By realizing that our health is directly linked to the health and well-being of our planet. When we decide to make things that help our earth, we are in essence making changes for the betterment of ourselves as well.


Q: What is the most valuable piece of advice someone has given you? 

A: To live in love, not fear.


Thoughts on T3…


Q: How have T3 tools helped you in your daily life? 

A: T3 tools have helped me save time when I need to style my hair for a shoot for my blog. I am able to either curl or dry my hair in minutes.  


Q: Being a California Girl, what is your go-to hairstyle? 

A: I am pretty low maintenance and casual with my hair. I either leave it down, naturally wavy or a braid on the side.


Q: What does beautiful outside, and powerful inside mean to you?

A: It means being able to stay calm and grounded during moments of turmoil. It means having an inner strength that comes from spiritual practice. It means having a generous, loving heart. All of this shines through to the outside.


Q: Curls or straight? How would you rather wear your hair?

A: I like my hair with natural waves. Sometimes, for evening events, I’ll prefer straight hair.



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