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Tips to help speed up your morning hair routine

Typically find yourself in a morning rush? Our T3 Pros have the perfect tips to help speed up your hair morning routine.

Time Saving tips for your morning


Traci Garrett

“Set your hair with the T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers while you’re getting ready for bed. Twist each section of hair before wrapping it in the roller to create a fun wave. Take your hair out of the rollers, but don’t brush out your curls. When you wake up, shake out your hair to give it texture and go.”


Eloise Cheung

“When you get out of the shower, towel dry you hair as much as possible, then use paper towels to soak out even more of the water. This bangs a load off drying time. Finish by blowdrying with the PROi dryer and 2.5″ Antigravity Barrel Brush for a speedy blowout.”



“Quickly rough dry your hair using the Featherweight Luxe 2i dryer. Then, wrap large sections of hair around the Whirl Convertible, leaving the ends out for a casual look. Let your curls set while you apply your makeup, then run your fingers through them for an effortless wavy look.”


Jayson Medina

“I’m a fan of using the Featherweight Luxe 2i dryer and SoftTouch 2 diffuser. Evenly apply a little styling cream throughout the hair. Then, twirl sections of hair with your fingers to make ringlets. Dry your hair by resting the ringlets on the diffuser and pushing the dryer in an upward motion. Once your hair is dry, pull out the ringlets to achieve an easy, tousled look.”


Dan Sharp

“One of my favorite secrets is the “3-minute blowout.” On dry hair, lift a large section that includes the entire crown of your hair, and back comb it to give some lift to the roots. Divide your hair into six large sections (front, middle and back on each side of your head) and curl each section away from your face using the BodyWaver. Pin each curl, let the hair cool, then brush through it for loose waves.”