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Top 10 beauty sleep essentials

Good night, sleep tight. Our top 10 beauty sleep essentials make falling asleep and waking up a dream.

Top 10 beauty sleep essentials


Tea Forte Chamomile Citron Tea

Relax and unwind after a long day with this delicate, soothing blend of chamomile blossom and rose hip. With hints of lemongrass and mint, this tea is a delicious way to kick off your bedtime routine.


Slip Soft Surroundings Silk Pillowcase

From dermatologists to plastic surgeons, the experts agree that sleeping on silk works miracles for avoiding bed-head, sleep creases and even wrinkles. We love Slip’s pure silk pillowcases for their elegant design and luxurious feel. 


Olivia Von Halle Belle Pajama Set

Old-school glamour meets ultimate comfort with this luxe silk pajama set. Slipping on the racerback camisole and tap-pant shorts make us feel like a ’50s movie star prepping for her beauty sleep. If that’s not motivation to get your nightly eight hours, we don’t know what is. 


Avène Rich Compensating Crème

Before you hit the lights, slather on a generous layer of this rich, restorative crème by cult brand Avène, a perennial favorite of beauty editors. Infused with rejuvenating thermal water, this formula hydrates, protects and soothes your skin while you sleep so you wake up with a well-rested, healthy glow.


Aura Cacia Pillow Potion Mist

Say hello to blissful sleep with this magic mist. A natural aromatherapy blend of lavender, yarrow and chamomile flower help still the mind and soothe the senses. Spritz some onto your silk pillowcase for next-level nightly relaxation. 


TMSOFT White Noise App

Perfect for use at home or on the road, this app is a godsend for achieving your deepest, most restful sleep ever. A customizable array of tracks lets you drift off to the sound of crashing waves or pouring rain and drowns out distracting background noises. Now you can fall asleep and stay asleep.


Crane SmartDrop Humidifier

A good humidifier is a bedroom must-have. Increasing air moisture helps you breathe easier, soothes the sinuses and keeps your hair and skin moisturized as you sleep. We love this top-of-the-line version from Crane for its sleek design, handy features and mobile app controllability. 


Lumie Bodyclock ACTIVE 250

Let’s face it – drifting out of a deep slumber is never easy. The Lume Bodyclock makes your early wakeup call slightly more painless with a dawn simulator that gradually rouses you with increasing natural light, giving your mood, energy level and productivity a boost for the long day ahead.


T3 Micro Luxe 2i

If you just don’t feel fully awake until you hop in the shower, don’t let a morning time crunch deter you. The Featherweight Luxe 2i dries your hair so quickly that you can squeeze in a blowout without sacrificing those extra precious minutes of beauty sleep.


OUAI Dry Shampoo

Whether you’re stuck at the office or out and about, late nights happen. This dry shampoo from OUAI lets you press snooze and skip the early morning hair wash. With a couple of quick spritzes, and a few curls at the crown of your head to add some bounce using our Whirl Convertible, you’re out the door looking fabulous, smelling heavenly and ready to take on the day.