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#T3Inspo: Top 5 Favorite Short Hairstyles

Short hair don’t care. Whether your locks are newly chopped or always cropped, we recommend trying out our top 5 favorite short hairstyles.

Short hairstyles

Braided Pixie

It’s amazing how much a simple plait can take your look from good to great. Another plus? We love this crown braid on short hair, but it also works well on just about any length!

Source: Whippy Cake

Pinned Back Waves

Twist, pull back, pin – it’s as easy as that! This style is perfect for days when you’d like to look put together, but still make it out the door in ten minutes or less. 

Source: One Little Momma

short hairstyles


Short hair updo

Dutch Updo

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you have to give up on updos. Easy and edgy, this braided style works great on short hair because it doesn’t have to be perfectly polished, and the braids help secure the hair. 

Source: The Beauty Department


Twisted Waves

Few hairstyles have stolen our hearts like the wavy bob. Add texture and volume to this trendy style by twisting back two 1″ front sections and pinning them to the side, just above the ear. 

Source: The Right Hairstyles

Wavy Bob Updo


short hair pompadour

Pretty Pompadour

Pump up the volume with a pretty pompadour. A little teasing, a little pinning and voilà! Your short tresses are dressed to impress. 

Source: Cosmopolitan