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#T3Inspo: Trending Summer Hairstyles

Summer has finally arrived! Read on to see the trending summer hairstyles T3Lead Stylist David Lopez scouted on the streets of New York City.

Bobby Pin Hairstyle T3

Camouflaged Flyaways

“The fastest and easiest way to camouflage those pesky flyaways around your face and still look chic and modern is to use bobby pins! This trend is blowing up all over social media and for good reason – you probably already have a handful in your beauty arsenal and they add instant, double duty edge to your style. Create a loose side part using the tail of your brow as a guide. Then use the Cascading Waves barrel from the Convertible Collection to give yourself soft, bendy waves. Use a small, flat, boar bristle brush to smooth and tuck one side behind your ear, using a high-hold hair spray onto the brush to smooth strands before sliding pins into place. For a fun twist, use gold or rose gold pins to create a symmetrical line of pins behind your ear.”

Frizz-Proof Curls

“When the humidity is high and straightening or smoothing your natural curls isn’t an option, try this style. In the morning, gently squeeze a creamy heat protectant into your curls, then use the skinny end of the SinglePass Wave iron to define them. Bonus? TheĀ  ceramic coating will frizz-proof your curls, giving you shiny, bouncy curls all day. Curl 1/2″ – 1″ sections around the crown and hairline and blend into the rest of your hair. For extra lift, finish off with your Cura LUXE and the SoftCurl diffuser attachment on low speed and high heat with the Volume Booster Switch on.”

frizz-proof curls T3

Beachy Waves T3

Ocean Waves

“Naturally wavy haired girls, rejoice! Enhancing your natural texture is as simple as picking up the 1” Defined Curls barrel from the Convertible Collection. Let your hair air dry in its natural state before starting. Using the Defined Curls barrel, curl 2″ vertical sections of the hair away from the face. Gently twist out and glide each section through the clip for a smooth, straighter finish on the ends. For extra body, open up the clip and wrap 1/2″ sections at the crown towards and away from the face for more lift and dimension. Spray your favorite medium hold hairspray onto the palm of your hands and a couple pumps of your favorite hair oil and mix them together. Glide a smooth this concoction through your hair for a long-lasting and shiny finish.”

The Fake Blowout

“When Summer makes an appearance, many of us are desperately finding ways to avoid being trapped in a hot bathroom blowing hot air on your head for 10-15 minutes. To get the bouncy, shiny finish of a blowout without all the work? Wash your hair at night and apply a smoothing/taming product to damp hair. Give yourself a quick rough dry, then pile your hair loosely on top of your head using an old cut up panty hose to avoid creasing. In the morning, use the BodyWaver and separate your hair into four even sections and curl under, then pin into place allowing the sections to cool. Finish your makeup and get dressed before finally letting down your pins and gently brushing with the Smooth Paddle Brush. Rub a small amount of a lightweight oil to tame any flyaways and add extra shine and smoothness. “

Blowout T3

half updo style

The Lazy Half-Back

“Getting and keeping your hair off your fave without pulling it up into a ponytail can sometimes be a challenge. The current half-up trend can sometimes feel a little too “pop” when you want a looser, more romantic style. Use the SinglePass LUXE flat iron to build in texture with your hair by adding bends all over. Spray a dry texturizing spray into your roots and then mist ends with a dry oil hair spray for definition. Rake through your strands with your hands like you’re rinsing conditioner out of your hair, then separate two sections of hair from your ears forward. Pull these two sections back behind you and tie them together as if you were tying a shoelace. Grab two more sections behind the ears and tie them in the same way. Join the ends of each section together and create a double-strand twist and secure with a clear elastic.”