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Voluminous waves tutorial

Turn up the volume! This voluminous waves tutorial will take your hair to a whole new level.

Voluminous Waves hair tutorial

Step 1: Rough Dry

To put the volume in the voluminous waves tutorial, rough dry wet, clean hair until it’s 90% dry using the Featherweight Compact Dryer.

Step 2: Smooth Dry

Smooth and dry the rest of your hair using the Featherweight Compact Dryer with the 2.5″ Anti Gravity Brush

voluminous waves hair tutorial

Voluminous waves hair tutorial

Step 3: Roll

Roll hair into the Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE. Use the larger rollers for the front pieces of hair and smaller rollers for pieces in the back. The section of hair going into each roller should be as wide as the roller you are using. When rolling each section, over direct the roller in the opposite direction you plan to roll. This will keep the hair tight on the roller and will help when clipping each roller to the base of the hair. 

Step 4: Release & Brush

Let the rollers cool completely. Then, remove the rollers and brush through the hair using a Paddle Brush

Voluminous Waves hair tutorial

Voluminous waves hair tutorial

Final Look

Part your hair however you desire and you’re ready to roll!