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#T3Inspo: Wedding Guest Hair Ideas

Wedding season is upon us and our Brand Ambassadors are serving up major style inspo. Whether you’re headed to a black-tie bash or casual nuptials, we’ve got your looks of love.

Wedding Guest Hair Ideas T3

Brand New Bling

She said yes… to rocking bejeweled hair pins! The first of our brand ambassadors’ wedding guest hair ideas is a super textured wave (thanks to the Cascading Waves barrel) enhanced with sea salt spray and adorned with a stand-out hair pin. Alternate the direction of your waves for added dimension too!

Photo by Noelle Downing

Vintage Romance

Morgan changed up her look by curling her hair all in the same direction around her head with the SinglePass Curl 1 ¼”. Once the curls cool, brush them out for an old-Hollywood look, evoking the romance and elegance of decades passed.

Photo by Morgan Bethel-Sosinski

Wedding Guest Hair Ideas T3

Wedding Guest Hair Ideas T3

Dancing Queen

If you’re a resident of any wedding dance floor, this short and sassy wedding guest hair idea from Whitney Fransway is for you. Wrap, roll, and glide with the SinglePass LUXE for long-lasting flat iron curls. Run the iron over the ends for a more casual style and go show off your best moves.

Catch the Boquet

Why not rock your natural hair texture? Wrap hair in the LUXE Turban Towel to soak up excess moisture, then use the SoftCurl diffuser with your Cura LUXE and gently dry your hair, allowing it to retain its natural wave. Finish the look with some texture spray for extra grit.

Photo by cheraleelyle

Wedding Guest Hair Ideas T3

Wedding Guest Hair Ideas T3

Open Bar

Loose Waves? Loose Waves! Say a toast to love with the largest barrel from our Whirl Trio. Wrap sections flat against the barrel and secure the front pieces over your ear with a straight bar pin. Coordinate it with the rest of your jewelry to complete your classic look.

Photo by Kristin Rose Davis