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T3 Pros: Which barrel is right for your hair length?

There are no rules when it comes to hair, but sometimes guidelines help! Our T3 Pros shed some light on which barrel is right for your hair length.

Which barrel is right for your hair length T3

Tinisha Meeks, Hair Department Head on the set of Grownish and Blackish


T. Cooper, Celebrity Stylist

  • For bob length hair I love using a 1” to give texture, so the 1″ Undone Waves barrel would be ideal. Bobs don’t have to be boring!
  • For shoulder length hair, it depends on what the client’s preference is. If you like really wavy hair, I’d suggest the Tousled Waves  tapered barrel, but if you like your hair a little smoother, the Voluminous Curls 1.5″ clip barrel can mimic the appearance of a fresh blowout – and it’s much faster.
  • For longer hair I’m all about the Cascading Waves reverse tapered barrel. With long hair I often use a couple of different irons to create texture in the hair, but that’s not necessary with this attachment. The barrel size changes in diameter from one end to the other, so I can get different sized waves throughout the head with just one attachment, it looks really cool!

Lucy Gedjeyan, T3Pro

  • I love to use smaller irons on shorter hair, sometimes I feel like I don’t get enough texture when I use a bigger iron. When my clients have bob haircuts and I need a textured undone look I would probably go in with a 1” inch Defined Curls clip barrel. If my client has longer hair I could use that use that same size barrel for a more defined look since it would give me much more curl.
  • To achieve something natural on longer hair I would definitely use the Loose Waves 1.5” straight barrel, curling in alternate directions


Laura Polko, Celebrity Stylist

  • The Polished Curls 1.25” clip barrel is my favorite out of the entire T3 Convertible Collection. It’s not only perfect for creating bends in my own hair (medium/long length), but also on all different lengths of hair. It’s great for achieving a wave, bend, curl, ends turned under—anything!