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Why invest in a $285 hair dryer

T3 Cura LUXE

Over the course of a woman’s lifetime, she’ll spend countless hours drying and styling her hair. To make these hours less of a chore (and have a bit of fun), we created the Cura LUXE. No, this isn’t your $30 drugstore hair dryer, it is an investment in yourself and your happiness – nobody wants to deal with a slow, fry-your-hair blow dryer at 6 AM, let’s be real! And for $285 (gasp), we are going to offer you a different kind of drying experience.

Luxurious Experience
Our new Auto Pause Sensor is the feature you never knew you needed! Most women start and stop their dryer, set the dryer down, readjust their round brush, then pick the dryer up again. The Auto Pause Sensors knows when the dryer has been released and pauses the airflow when you set it down (so you don’t have beauty products flying all over your bathroom), then resumes when you pick it up again with the same heat and speed settings you left off with for hassle-free styling.

Healthy Hair by T3
All beautiful hairstyles start with healthy hair. T3 approaches drying hair differently, by slowing down the air velocity (how fast the air moves) and increasing the volume (how much air is pushed through the dryer) drying hair faster. We did a survey just to ensure we were heading in the right direction as we developed this dryer and 97% of women agree that the Cura LUXE is powerful but gentle on their hair, and 91% of women agree that it dries their hair faster than their regular dryer.*

Smooth and Sleek Hair
We added a powerful built-in ion generator, which enhances the air with negative ions and smooths the hair cuticle. When hair cuticles are smooth, the result is soft, shiny hair every time (who doesn’t love that?!). A slower air velocity prevents hair from being aggressively blown around and causing frizz, 96% of women agree that the Cura LUXE left their hair looking shiny.*

Customized Drying Experience
With 5 heat settings and two fan speeds, you can make your drying experience your own. Turn the Volume Booster on for bigger, volumized hair, and turn it off to smooth the hair cuticle for more polished, sleek strands. Pick the settings that match your mood – are you feeling sleek and sophisticated or playful and bouncy? By the way, the Cura LUXE also comes with two concentrators, a wide concentrator for quick drying and a narrow, styling concentrator to create your perfect blowout.

*Based on a consumer study