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#T3Inspo: winter clothing hairstyles

It’s time to stop fighting your turtlenecks, scarves and winter coats. Be the ultimate cool girl with these 5 winter clothing hairstyles.

winter clothing hair

Take Sides

A simple side braid allows your hair to escape the confines of bulky winter clothing and stand front and center – as it’s intended to! By pulling your locks together in an easy three strand twist, you can push aside the fear of dreaded scarf frizz or tangles. And with the help of a little dry shampoo, it’s great for extending your time between washes.

Source: Barefoot Blonde

Tucked Away

Partner with your favorite turtleneck to create the illusion of shorter tresses for a day. This style screams “winter in Paris,” and is so effortless that it’s hard to believe it’s a runway favorite.  Smooth out air dried hair with the SinglePass LUXE before tucking it in, and pull out a few strands that frame the face. Très chic. 

Source: Tumblr

turtleneck hair

winter clothing hairstyles

Chignon Trend

The chignon is a obvious favorite for any season, however we think it pairs perfectly with the glamour of winter. Highly sophisticated, yet surprisingly easy to achieve, this low twist is appropriate for just about any and every occasion. Copy the look with this step-by-step tutorial and our Volumizing Hot Rollers LUXE.

Winter Tease

A teased ponytail and a warm cocoon coat are a match made in winter apparel heaven. The tousled and textured nature of the pony is only enhanced when strands get tucked in and around the collar. And let’s be honest, they just look really fabulous together. Get the look by creating soft bends with the Loose Waves barrel and then backcombing the hair before pulling it back into a ponytail. 

Source: Happily Grey

winter hairstyles

Top knot

Topsy Tail

An ultra high top knot keeps hair out of your way and is there to stay all day long. Our current favorite take on the beloved bun: run the SinglePass X through your strands before pulling it up, then leave an inch or two of hair out of the knot for a modern and structured approach.

Source: Tomboy