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Winter Hair Revival Tips

Take a moment to care for your hair with winter hair revival tips from Stylist Ambassador Laura Polko.

Winter Hair Revival Tips T3

Cold and dry air takes a toll on your hair. Diagnose your hair woes and see Laura’s prescriptions on how to revive your winter locks.

Dry & Brittle

Don’t over wash or over heat your hair. Add extra time between shampoos to keep hair moisturized and select the first of 5 heat settings on the Cura LUXE for healthy styling.

Dull, no shine

Install a shower filter like the T3 Source Showerhead to filter our free chlorine from your water. It will leave your hair softer and shinier.


Avoid using elastic hair ties when your hair is wet! Opt for scrunchies.

Tangled & hard to brush

Use a mask or deep conditioner every other wash for soft, touchable hair.


Fight frizz and winter hair static with Digital IonAir in the T3 Cura LUXE, which helps smooth and seal the cuticle.

Dry scalp/dandruff

Turn that shower temperature down and use a sulfate-free shampoo.