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Women of today making history

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting and applauding the trailblazing women of today making history.

women making history

Marah Lidey & Naomi Hirabayashi

Best friends Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi have become a leading light in the world, one text message at a time. Motivated to inspire and empower people everywhere to be their best and brightest selves, the dynamic duo founded Shine, a text messaging service that provides daily positive affirmations to users, hubs a center for general life advice and encourages members to share the Shine love throughout their communities. 

Source: RD Women

Jillian Mercado

Seven years ago, Jillian Mercado contemplated making her break into modeling. The 28-year-old who suffers from muscular dystrophy was astonished by the apparent lack of disabled models, and made the decision to challenge the industry. Since that moment, her esteemed resumé now includes modeling campaigns for powerhouse brands including Diesel, Target, and Beyoncé. She told the Washington Post, “I turned my weakness into my strength, and I feel like very few people have been given that opportunity.”

Source: Urban Field Notes

Women making history

women making history

Sallie Krawcheck

As the Co-founder and CEO of Ellevest, a digital investing platform for women, Sallie Krawcheck believes, “Investing in women is simply smart business.” After working as a senior corporate executive for companies including Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney and Citi Private, Sallie became determined to close the gender investment gap by providing financial advisors and opportunities specifically catered to women. In doing so, Sallie hopes to aid not only women and their families, but the future of our society as a whole. 

Source: Adrianna Favero

Alia Atkinson

As a four-time Olympian, Alia Atkinson has quite the list of athletic achievements under her belt. The Jamaican native and Texas A&M alumna made waves at the 2014 World Championships after tying a world record and becoming the first black woman in history to win a world title in the sport of swimming. Since then, Alia continues to dominate the sport and currently holds world records in both the 50 and 100 meter breaststroke. When she’s not making a splash in the pool, Alia works with the International Swimming Hall of Fame to promote swimming and water safety to minority groups. “If there is a dream or a goal that you want you have to go for it 100%,” she’s said.

Source: Swimming World

women making history

Prarthna Desai

Prarthna Desai’s passion for accessible healthcare knows no boundaries. The 27-year-old MIT graduate left her Harvard grad school program to head operations at Zipline, a healthcare delivery start-up currently launched in Rwanda. In her role at Zipline, Prarthna leads the development of drones designed to deliver safe blood products to those lacking adequate accessibility to proper healthcare. Eventually, Prarthna hopes her work with Zipline will expand to other countries and help save lives all over the world. 

Source: Bhaskar