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Everyday waves with a twist tutorial

Shake it up and wrap it ’round. Upgrade your everyday waves with a twist with a little help from T3.

hair pulled to the side t3

Step 1: Create Waves

Start with your hair parted down the middle. Take a 1″ section of hair and wrap it around the SinglePass Wave iron, ensuring that you’re wrapping away from the face. Repeat this technique throughout the hair. 

Step 2: Part

Using an alligator clip, create a deep side part. Allow the arch of your eyebrow to serve as a guide on where to begin the part. Styling your hair first with a center part will give you more volume once you move the hair over to one side. 

hair pulled to the side t3

hair pulled to the side t3

Step 3: Twist 

Starting just behind your ear on the side opposite the part, begin twisting a small bit of hair down towards the nape of your neck. As you work around towards the back of the neck, gradually add more hair to the twist.

Step 4: Pin

Once the twist has made it to the other side of your neck, secure it into place using multiple bobby pins.  

hair pulled to the side t3

Final Look

Adding a twist to your everyday waves is as easy as one T3 (and four simple steps!).